University of Westminster

On the 23rd February 2011 a use case meeting was held at the University of Westminster. The documentation is available as a pdf, and Pat Barclay from the University of Westminster wrote a short summary of the meeting from her point of view.

Members of the Collection Management team met with Owen and Ken on 23rd February 2011. Present for the discussion were Pat Barclay (E-Services Manager), Lyn Bowen (Senior Metadata Librarian) , Catrin Williams (E-Services Developer),  Yeser Street (Senior Collections Assistant), Marion Van Elzelingen (Collections Assistant),and Ann Munn (Systems Development Officer) .  When setting up a 3 hour meeting I thought this would be more than adequate but we could have talked for a lot longer!  In our busy schedules we often don’t find time to sit down and talk about how/why we do things so this proved very valuable. Owen and Ken are both expert at challenging why you do things so it made us think/question some of our work practices.

Over the course of our workshop we discussed general issues such as creation of a centralized Collection management team and the efficiencies this has achieved- previously 4 sites managed their own serials purchases.  We all identified the time consuming nature of this work and would welcome any ‘Above Campus’ solutions to save us time.

Prior to the meeting we identified 4 topics for discussion :

  • Subscription to a new e-journal- (b) Finalise license
  • Cancellation of a journal title
  • Publisher changes platform
  • Archival access

After some general discussion of all these areas, we decide to focus on ‘cancellation of a journal title’. Analysing the workflow in detail made us realise why the process is so complex and time consuming. The inability to get consistent/reliable data at an appropriate time is one of the key difficulties in this process and it’s something all libraries are grappling with.  This came up more than once in our discussions!  Communication with agents/suppliers takes up a lot of staff time, as does checking that the correct access has been granted post-cancellation.

It was a useful and interesting meeting with very good facilitators and gave us much to think about.  Being challenged on the work we do is good but it also highlighted we have some dedicated staff working hard to deal with this complex environment.