University of Warwick

On the 2nd February 2011 a use case meeting was held at the University of Warwick. The documentation is available as a pdf, and the team at Warwick wrote a short summary of the meeting from their point of view.

The University of Warwick’s Use Case Workshop was attended by Anne Bell (University Librarian), Robin Green (Deputy Librarian), Stuart Hunt (Data Services Manager), Finola Osborn (Procurement Manager), Claire Townsend (Resources Officer) and James Fisher (Digital Access Manager). It was facilitated by David Kay and Owen Stephens.

During the workshop we considered 5 Use Cases in varying degrees of detail. These were as follows:

  • New e-book purchase/subscription – (a) Select Platform
  • Cancellation of a journal title
  • Publisher changes platform
  • Budget and accounting for e-journals
  • Discovery to delivery

The discussion flowed quickly from one topic to the next and despite spending the best part of 5 hours around the table the session passed in next to no time. The cases highlighted the different tasks required to be carried out by various teams within the Library and the dependencies between the teams. More details were provided in response to searching questions from David and Owen. It became apparent how disjointed many of our processes are due to the fact that those processes have developed ad-hoc in response to external factors that we can’t control. The phrase “you wouldn’t start here” was used on at least one occasion. Hopefully, lessons can be learned from this when setting up any new shared services.

We spent a significant proportion of the workshop explaining the processes involved in a major periodicals review which took place in the summer of 2009. This seemed a valuable experience to share with colleagues at other institutions and the results are still being used to make renewal and cancellation decisions today.

All in all it was a very interesting day and hopefully we all learned something. We look forward to the session in London due to take place in a few days time.