University of the Creative Arts

On the 11th January 2011 a use case meeting was held at the University of the Creative Arts. The documentation is available as a pdf, and the team at UCA wrote a short summary of the meeting from their point of view.

University for the Creative Arts had our ERM workshop near the start of New Year; an apt time for reflection on the processes we use to manage our electronic resources.

My colleague David Hodgson and I, regarding what we do as fairly straightforward, didn’t anticipate that the discussion would last nearly five hours! Using a low key, conversational style, Ken and Regina expertly teased out the finer points of UCA Library’s ‘e’ landscape, helping us to articulate our practices in far more depth than we have done previously.

We thought about how e-orientated the library service has become; our Virtual (e-book) Library now has the second largest book collection of our 6 ‘branches’ and e-journal titles outnumber print 24:1.

We considered the complexities of dealing with a diverse range of suppliers and the number of platforms our e-resources are delivered on – 45 and growing.

We chose statistics as our use case. Whilst we don’t want to gather statistics for the sake of it, we do need more accurate, meaningful data to help in collection management decisions and to demonstrate the contribution that licensed electronic information resources make to the teaching and research of the University. More granular usage information could also help us better target the promotion of e-resources.

Our needs will differ from elsewhere, but being able to see usage information from other organisations about resources we are considering purchasing could assist with evaluation decisions. Having a single ‘above campus’  interface for accessing statistics would also be a great time saver.

We appreciate being involved with the other institutions and hope that our position as a smaller, specialist institution will contribute a useful perspective on the project.